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Opening Hours

Mon. - Fri: 10::AM - 4:00 PM

5:00 AM-8:00 pm

Sat. 1:00pm - 5:00pm

* Exceptions can be made.

Certified fitness and personal trainer

Credentials for physical/ therapeutic, hot and cold stone massages,

Nutrition, Yoga, Diabetics, etc.


I am a Certified Fitness Trainer, and I have a certificate of completion for therapeutic and physical massages.. I also have a Certification of Completion in Breast Cancer Recovery Programs, Chronic Diseases, Nutrition, and , a Certification of Completion in Specific Performance in Working with Adults and Older Adults. I work in my own private studio called Body Bodacious Today, (Body. We Offer private, couples, and group sessions. Body has over 40 types of equipment . We offer everything that you could ever need to obtain whatever your goals and objectives are.

Body specializes in helping you to look and feel better and healthier. If you need to lose/gain weight, firm and tone, need core help, improve your strength, your endurance, flexibility, carbs, build muscle mass, ab reduction, glutes, upper/lower body performance and improvement, jog, sprint run, manage pain, get healthier, eat nutritious meals,, etc., you can get it here. Feeling tired, achy, feet hurt, back hurt, stressed out. We offer full body heated massage mats, shiatsu chairs, and foot massage equipment.

We also offer a service approved by the NATIONAL CERTIFICATION BOARD FOR MASSAGE WORK called Facilitated Stretching, (PNF) This includes therapeutic and physical massages. Yoga trainer with Holistic Fitness. We use hands on techniques to assess each clients current muscle function, improve his/her range of motion, increase muscle strength, improve flexibility, relax, ease stress, and improve coordination. The majority of personnel in the field of medicine have concluded that a stress related environment, and/or stress in and of itself can be a major factor in as much as 75% of nearly all major illnesses, including: heart attacks, high blood pressure, pain, high cholesterol, depression, diabetes. The list goes on. Massage is a great way to relieve you from the pressures of everyday stress. We use a pre-warmed fleece table covering with a fleece face holder, cotton sheets, hot stones, warm oils, and much much more to give you a slice of paradise. There will never be another you, so, BE GOOD TO YOURSELF.

email -[email protected] or call 240 609-9172 for more information

Therapeuticand physical massages and Body Works

Over 2 million women in America have, knowingly, been diagnosed or are being treated for breast cancer. Exercise can play a major role in recovery for breast cancer survivors.. Some institutions believe that exercise could result in no recurrence of breast cancer. Read my book on how breast cancer exercises has been far more successful in helping breast cancer survivors, than patients who do not exercise

contact info: call/text - 240 609-9172

email - [email protected]